Grievance Procedure

What should I do if I have a dispute with my builder?

Should you have a dispute while building your home, the BIA offers a special dispute resolution service to the public.

Of course, the BIA encourages all builders and owners to resolve disputes in an orderly and timely fashion. But should there be any complaints, you, as the owner, should notify your builder in writing of your specific disputes and allow a reasonable period for the builder to respond.

If a dispute cannot be resolved, the complaining party can write to the BIA and must include the following information:

  • The name, address and phone number of the owner and the builder
  • The closing date of the home
  • The nature of the complaint

The BIA will write urging the Builder to settle the dispute. If the dispute has not been settled, the Owner may pay a fee and register for a Dispute Settlement Hearing through the BIA's Professional Standards Committee, providing facts underlying the dispute meet the existing criteria for such a hearing.

To learn more about the BIA's Grievance Procedure, download a detailed PDF by clicking the link below.

BIA Quality Standards

Minimum performance criteria for acceptable workmanship of BIA Builder and Remodeler Members. Possible deficiency is listed in bold and the minimum standard is listed below.

These standards are printed in the BIA Home Owners Manual, along with information about your new home and what to expect within the first year. Also included are typical owner maintenance items. Contact your builder for a Home Owners Manual today.

I. Site Work

II. Concrete and Masonry

III. Carpentry

IV. Heating and Cooling

V. Interior Finishes

VI. Roofing and Ventilation

VII. Asphalt

VIII. Sound Transmission

Consumer Resources

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