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Union County

As of 3/16/2020

We’ve spent a good bit of today working on our planning and approach going forward in Union County. The fine-tuned details are being adjusted on the fly, but the goal is to continue our plan review and permitting (and inspection) services without major disruption to our customers. We currently execute next day inspections and our plan review turnarounds have been reasonable on both the residential and commercial sides (2-3 weeks), and certainly plan to maintain that level or something very similar during these difficult times.


The general approach will be to dramatically limit our walk-in permit business by utilizing an adjacent room for plan pick-ups/drop-offs. Some initial highlights:

  1. Office hours to remain the same
  2. Plan reviewers to work off-site, and inspection staff to remain on-site. All project coordination, mark-up mtgs, general Q&A, etc. which often now happen face-to-face will have to be done via email, calls, etc. Some exceptions may be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Large project mtgs to switch to conf calls or skype as needed.
  3. All inspections will take place per normal, but most in-house inspections (such as basement remodels and the such) will be deferred if they are occupied homes, for the protection of the inhabitants and our personnel. The hope is that we can avoid instances of contact with folks in the high-risk categories. We don’t have many of these sorts of improvements vs new builds or major remodels but will deal with them individually via each contractor.
  4. We do expect to lose some efficiencies in our plan review and customer service but don’t expect the delays to be substantial, especially if some of our volume is reduced.
  5. Payments will be directed to a physical check dropbox, or via online ccard, and we’ll deal with receipts later as needed.


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