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Trade war could shake consumer confidence

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Homeowners looking to sell may have reason to grow increasingly concerned about President Trump’s deteriorating relationship with China

Millions of Americans could be looking to sell their homes in the next year. But will the ongoing trade war between the United States and China get in their way?

As many as 12.1 million homeowners plan to sell their primary residence within 18 months, according to a new survey of 1,400 homeowners from personal-finance website NerdWallet.

Some 44% of those who said that they plan to sell in the next 18 months said recent shifts in the housing market have made them consider selling sooner than they originally planned.

These buyers are concerned that the shift away from a seller’s market could force them to make price concessions and lose some of the gain they would otherwise receive thanks to the break-neck pace of home price appreciation in recent years.

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