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Marketing Stars Shine Brightly at MAME

The BIA’s marketing and sales superstars obtained recognition for their achievements at the 28th annual Marketing and Merchandising Excellence (MAME) gala, held May 8. A crowd of more than 350 turned out — the largest attendance ever for MAME. Attendees celebrated the accomplishments of our local industry during the past year and cheered on the evening’s dance competitors.

Top achievers win honors

The MAME Awards were created to honor the top achievers in our local new home industry. Sales award winners include both Realtors and builder sales representatives who have closed a minimum of $1 million in new home sales during the previous year. The total amount of business represented by the sales award winners is well over $500 million and involves approximately 3,000 new home closings.

Marketing award winners cross all BIA membership ranks and include builders, Realtors, interior designers, architects, landscapers, suppliers and many more. The MAME Awards give us the opportunity to recognize those people responsible for the success of our industry. Congratulations to our winners! We’re looking forward to celebrating another great year in 2016.

Dancing to the beat

BIA members proved they can shake it up on the dance floor. Five BIA members took part in our third Dancing with the BIA Stars contest. In the weeks leading up to MAME, each took lessons to learn their dance number. After many hours of practice, they had their steps down and were ready to compete.

Members and their dance partners from Topline Ballroom moved to the music in front of an enthusiastic MAME audience. Three BIA judges rated their performance.

Congratulations go to Ben Jones of PulteGroup, the 2015 champion of the Dancing with the BIA Stars dance competition. All the participating members and their dance partners are listed here. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Morgan Gelacek, Epcon Communities & Alexander Thomas
“Work Hard Play Harder” by David Guetta (Hustle)
Sponsored by Epcon Communities

Tonya Harding, Wayne Homes & Brian Baker
“Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars (ChaCha)
Sponsored by Wayne Homes

Ben Jones, PulteGroup & Danielle Moor
“Turn Up the Music” by Chris Brown (Swing/Hustle/Salsa Medley)
Sponsored by PulteGroup & Pulte Mortgage

Jennifer Green, Westport Homes & Alexander Thomas
“Turn Me On” by Kevin Lyttle (Salsa)
Sponsored by Westport Homes

Todd Strayer, M/I Homes & Lauren Baker
“Do You Love Me” by The Countours (Swing)
Sponsored by M/I Homes

Thanks to our MAME Partners

Emerald Sponsors
American Mortgage Service Co.
James Hardie Building Products
The Columbus Dispatch

Platinum Sponsors
Citizens Bank
Castlestone Homes, LLC
Elite Land Title
First Federal Lending
Royal Building Products
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Gold Sponsors
America’s Floor Source
Carr Supply Co., Inc.
Coldwell Banker King Thompson
Concord Mortgage Group
HER Realtors
Insurance Unlimited Agency, Inc.
Mary Shipley Interiors
P & D Builders, Ltd.
Schottenstein Homes, LLC
Strait & Lamp Lumber Co., Inc.
Talon Title Agency, LLC
Title First Agency, Inc.

Silver Sponsors
American Heritage Homes Corp.
Benchmark Bank
Coppertree Homes
EfficiencyCrafted® sponsored by AEP Ohio and Columbia Gas of Ohio
Grand Tradition Homes & Jimenez-Haid Builders
Huntington Mortgage Group
Namaste Embroidery
Oberfields LLC
Olympus Luxury Homes, Inc.
Professional Design Services, LLC
Remax Achievers
Rockford Homes
Security 1 Lending
Sevell + Sevell, Inc.
Today Homes
TriAd Marketing & Media
Trinity Homes
Weaver Custom Homes, Inc.

Program Advertiser
Monte Granite, Inc.

Special Thanks

MC Chryssa Gartner, PulteGroup
Dance Judges
 Pamela Cinelli - Compass Homes
 Drew Murphy - PulteGroup
 Davyd Miller - Odd Jobs
BIA Sales & Marketing Council
Chair Ed Snodgrass, P&D Builders
Vice-Chair Dave Keller, TriAd Marketing & Media
Special Effects Brainstorm Media
Program Printer Printing Arts Press
Photography John Evans, JE Evans Photography
Program Designer TriAd Marketing & Media

Award Winners

Identity Program Category

Most Unique Logo
Builder/Remodeler Epcon Communities
Realtor RE/MAX Achievers - The Alfriend Group
Associate America’s Floor Source
Associate Key Blue Prints

Most Creative Website
Builder/Remodeler American Heritage Homes
Builder/Remodeler Compass Homes
Realtor RE/MAX Achievers - The Alfriend Group
Associate Grand DesignGroup
Associate Sevell + Sevell, Inc.

Exceptional Virtual Tour
Builder/Remodeler Rockford Homes
Associate R. Middendorf Media

Brochure Category

Top Color Brochure
Builder/Remodeler Schottenstein Homes
Realtor Coldwell Banker King Thompson
Associate America’s Floor Source
Associate Oberfields

Exceptional Direct Mail Piece/Series of Pieces
Builder/Remodeler Rockford Homes
Realtor Coldwell Banker King Thompson
Associate The Columbus Dispatch
Associate TriAd Marketing & Media

Best E-Newsletter
Builder/Remodeler Wayne Homes
Builder/Remodeler Westport Homes
Realtor HER Realtors
Realtor RE/MAX Achievers - The Alfriend Group
Associate Sevell + Sevell, Inc.

Best Print Newsletter
Associate Printing Arts Press

Best Print Newspaper
Associate Builders Club

Best Magazine
Associate TriAd Marketing & Media
Associate The Columbus Dispatch

Advertisement Category

Most Creative Black and White Ad
Associate The Columbus Dispatch

Outstanding Color Ad
Builder/Remodeler Wayne Homes
Builder/Remodeler Westport Homes
Realtor RE/MAX Achivers - Lyn Williams
Associate Sevell + Sevell, Inc.

Best Outdoor Marketing
Associate America’s Floor Source
Associate Key Blue Prints

Exceptional Radio Ad
Associate America’s Floor Source

Most Creative TV Commercial/Video
Associate R. Middendorf Media

Best Blog Experience
Builder/Remodeler Castlestone Homes
Builder/Remoder Epcon Communities
Associate TriAd Marketing & Media

Best Social Media Effort
Builder/Remodeler Schottenstein Homes
Realtor HER Realtors
Associate Burgie MediaFusion

Most Valuable E-mail Campaign
Builder/Remodeler Compass Homes
Realtor RE/MAX Town Center - Joe Evans
Associate Burgie MediaFusion
Associate First Federal Lending

Exceptional Digital Media Ad
Builder/Remodeler Epcon Communities
Associate America’s Floor Source
Associate Efficiency Crafted - sponsored by AEP Ohio
Associate Efficiency Crafted - sponsored by Columbia Gas of Ohio

Advertising Campaign/Promotion Category
Best QR Code Promotion
Associate TriAd Marketing & Media

Best Realtor Relations Program
Builder/Remodeler Rockford Homes
Builder/Remodeler Schottenstein Homes
Realtor RE/MAX Achievers - Carol Reeves

Most Successful One Time Event/Special Promotion
Builder/Remodeler Compass Homes
Realtor HER Realtors
Associate Efficiency Crafted - sponsored by AEP Ohio
Associate Efficiency Crafted - sponsored by Columbia Gas of Ohio

Most Successful One Time Destination Event
Associate Builders Club

Best Exhibit Booth/Home & Garden Show
Associate Blendon Gardens Landscape
Best Exhibit Booth/Trade Show Booth
Associate Parksite

Sign Program Category

Best On-site, Outdoor Signage
Builder/Remodeler American Heritage Homes
Realtor HER Realtors
Associate Key Blue Prints

Sales Office and Design Center Category

Most Distinctive Sales Office by a Builder/Remodeler
Under 500 sq. ft. Rockford Homes
Over 500 sq. ft. Schottenstein Homes

Exceptional Design Center by a Builder/Remodeler
Over 1,000 sq. ft. M/I Homes

Best Associate Office
1,000 sq. ft. and up Sevell + Sevell, Inc.

Best Showroom by an Associate
Under 4,000 sq. ft Oberfields
4,000 - 9,999 sq. ft. Michael David Design Center
10,000 sq. ft. and up America’s Floor Source

Best New Showroom by an Associate
Over 10,000 sq. ft Distinctive Marble & Granite

Landscaping Category
Most Artistic Landscape Design of a New Home
Priced $250,000 to $499,999 Epcon Communities
Priced $500,000 and up Blendon Gardens

Interior Merchandising Category

Best Single Family Model Home Interior Merchandising by a Builder/Remodeler
Priced $250,000 to $499,999 Epcon Communities
Priced $500,000 and up Compass Homes

Best Single Family Model Home Interior Design by an Associate
Priced up tp $250,000 Mary Shipley Interiors
Priced $250,000 to $499,999 Mary Shipley Interiors

Outstanding Model Home Interior Merchandising
Priced up to $249,999 Village Communities
Priced $500,000 and up Grand Tradition Homes

Architectural Design Category

Best New Home Design by a Builder/Remodeler
Priced $250,000 to $499,999 Castlestone Homes
Priced $500,000 to $999,999 Cua Builders

Best New Home Design by an Associate
Priced $250,000 to $499,999 Professional Design Services, LLC
Priced $500,000 and up Professional Design Services, LLC

Parade of Homes Category

Best 2014 Parade of Homes Design by a Builder/Remodeler
Priced up to $950,000 M/I Homes
Priced above $950,000 Compass Homes
Priced above $950,000 Coppertree Homes

Best 2014 Parade of Homes Interior Design by an Associate
Priced up to $950,000 Haverty’s Interior Design, Sher Sagar

Realtor Sales Citations

$1 Million
Lou Magistrale Coldwell Banker King Thompson
Clay McGown Coldwell Banker King Thompson
Kim Shea Coldwell Banker King Thompson
Rick & Robin Lemmons Coldwell Banker King Thompson
Joe Evans RE/MAX Town Center
Shannon Grimm HER Realtors
Shaun Simpson Cutler Real Estate

$2 Million
Danielle Alexander Coldwell Banker King Thompson
Connie Ballinger Coldwell Banker King Thompson
Linda & Marty Soller Coldwell Banker King Thompson
Michelle Demopolis Keller Williams Capital Partners
Susan Doepping RE/MAX Achievers
Bradley Fry RE/MAX Achievers
Carol Reeves RE/MAX Achievers
Molly Hay RE/MAX Town Center

$3 Million
Lori Hicks HER Realtors

$7 Million
Lari Madosky Shaw Coldwell Banker King Thompson

$8 Million
Nicole Yoder-Barnhart HER Realtors

$12 Million
Kyle Alfriend RE/MAX Achievers - The Alfriend Group

$8 Million
Lyn Williams Re/Max Achievers

New Home Title Representative Sales Citations

$1 Million
Stephanie O’Brien Elite Land Title

$11 Million
Robert Corwin Elite Land Title

$41 Million
D.J. Dile Stewart Title

$63 Million
Xanath Van Frayen Stewart Title

$69 Million
Mark Martin Title First Agency Inc.

New Home Loan Originator Sales Citations

$11 Million
Eileen Howard Hallmark Home Mortgage

$14 Million
Ryan Miracle Hallmark Home Mortgage

$18 Million
Michelle Fry Hallmark Home Mortgage
Jarrett Shiring Huntington Mortgage

$25 Million
Ray Conley First Federal Lending
Pete Loeb First Federal Lending
David Weinstein Concord Mortgage Group

$40 Million
Deena Crawford & Team American Mortgage Service Company

$45 Million
Mike Young M/I Homes Financial

$95 Million
Bill Lavelle First Federal Lending

Builder Sales Citations: Up to 99 Homes

$4 Million
Suzanne Patton American Heritage Homes

$5 Million
Ed Snodgrass P&D Builders

$6 Million
Dan Dillon P&D Builders
Sue Williams Weaver Custom Homes

$7 Million
Stacy Miller Compass Homes

$8 Million
Shawn Sheffield Schottenstein Homes

$14 Million
Lee Solomonides 3 Pillar Homes

$20 Million
Justin Shear Coppertree Homes

$22 Million
Lisa Finney & Kelly Sheffield Schottenstein Homes

Builder Sales Citations: 100-249 Homes

$1 Million
Abigail Ball Trinity Homes
Julie Falvo Epcon Communities
Christina Sofia Ryan Homes

$2 Million
Lindsay Dysinger Ryan Homes
Sean Rauch Rockford Homes

$4 Million
Edd Dunlap Rockford Homes
Karen Hayes Westport Homes
Angela McCahill Epcon Communities
Lyndsey Merckle Trinity Homes
Lindsay Pinna Rockford Homes
Jeff Whiting Trinity Homes

$5 Million
Terry Flanagan Rockford Homes
Jessica Li Ryan Homes
Eric Downing Epcon Communities
Shelley McCoy Village Communities
Kristy Provost Village Communities
Jen Scheel Westport Homes
Alyssa Traficant Ryan Homes

$6 Million
John Heron Westport Homes
Allison Cortelezzi Ryan Homes

$7 Million
Eric Crumley Ryan Homes
Scott Esker Trinity Homes

$8 Million
Mike Gonzales & Roger Taylor Westport Homes
Karen Mavis Westport Homes
Amy Stieg Ryan Homes

$10 Million
Troy Borden Rockford Homes

$16 Million
Laurie Dudley Romanelli & Hughes
Jennifer Green & Kristy Reynolds Westport Homes

Builder Sales Citations: 250 Homes and up

$1 Million
Jennifer Coffman PulteGroup
Christy Holbrook PulteGroup

$3 Million
Ashley Brown PulteGroup

$5 Million
Julie Baumker Wayne Homes
Greg Gallagher PulteGroup
Vicci Patterson Wayne Homes

$6 Million
Amber Hernandez Wayne Homes

$7 Million
Krista Cupp M/I Homes
Mechele DeMatteo PulteGroup
Jay Freese PulteGroup
Tonya Harding Wayne Homes
Amy Hodgson M/I Homes

$8 Million
Kimberly Cohen PulteGroup
Sandee Barrick Wayne Homes
Phyllis Jensen M/I Homes
Caryn Rodeffer M/I Homes
Molly Rutherford PulteGroup

$9 Million
Chris Smart PulteGroup

$10 Million
Gary Anderson PulteGroup
Mike Anderson PulteGroup
Chryssa Gartner Pulte Group
Dana Levins PulteGroup

$11 Million
Angela Kohler M/I Homes
Drew Murphy PulteGroup
Todd Strayer M/I Homes

$12 Million
Alexis Skasko M/I Homes

$15 Million
Janet Sussmna M/I Homes

$17 Million
Joy Adkins M/I Homes

Leadership Awards

Legacy Awards
Builder/Remodeler William P. Creekbaum, Jr., Castlestone Homes
Realtor Jerry White, Coldwell Banker King Thompson
Associate Mary Shipley, Mary Shipley Interiors

Rookie of the Year 
$3 Million Ashley Brown, PulteGroup
$5 Million Eric Downing, Epcon Communities
$7 Million Stacy Miller, Compass Homes

Leadership Awards 
$10 Million Chryssa Gartner, PulteGroup
$18 Million Joy Adkins, M/I Homes
$20 Million Justin Shear, Coppertree Homes

Golden Hammer Awards 
Up to 99 Homes Cecil Cotton, Castlestone Homes
Up to 99 Homes Paul Cugini, Cugini & Capoccia Builders
100-249 Homes Tom Hoop, Epcon Communities
100-249 Homes Jeremy Kirk, Epcon Communities

Marketing Director of the Year 
Builder/Remodeler Erin Barritt, Epcon Communities
Realtor Leanne Chylik, HER Realtors
Associate Sevell + Sevell, Inc.

Sales Manager of the Year 
Realtor Butch Wahlsmith, HER Realtors
Builder/Remodeler Morgan Gelacek, Epcon Communities

Grand Marketing Award
Associate Sevell + Sevell, Inc.
Realtor HER Realtors
Builder/Remodeler Epcon Communities

Congratulations to all the winners! •

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